God I've missed the Sierras


<b>WAY</b> Dumber than N8 (to the power of ten alm
Feb 21, 2008
Lately here in Reno/Tahoe its been thinking that it might get onto being winter here some time soon.

I went up this afternoon to clear my head, ended up throwing on my cold weather gear and walking in the storm. I forgot how nice it was to be up there in the cold and the wet, felt like I was finally home...

Something I forgot living in the south or out in the east was that the mountains, a lot like the ocean or the sky, are living things. Remembering that sort of rearranged my **** in a way that I really think I needed.

So sorry if my last couple of months have been me being a whiny cunt stain. Too many changes over too many time left me disoriented, angry and too often too drunk.

I think this winter is going to have a lot of back country potential. Here's to a hell of a winter!