Goddamn Marzocchi!


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May 2, 2005
Out of my mind, back in a moment.

I pulled my short travel bike out to ride tomorrow, and when I get to checking it over, the goddamn stanchions on the XC700SL have actually corroded and the plating has flaked off the damn things.

This from a fork that is 6 months old and saw maybe 10 rides. Now let's see if I get a warranty job on it when I send it in. New uppers run $260 bucks if it comes to that.


Maybe I should just stick with Fox.



Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2006
haha, no kidding.
Out here on the East coast we teach our little kids to ride on stuff like that..
I didn't see any roots OR mud in those pics!
You also don't have sharp, jagged pointy rocks waiting to cheesegrate you when you fall...or Cholla to snag you when you pass or crash.

Nearly every ride on South ends with someone bleeding, armor or not. That's assuming your bike isn't in pieces.

If you think its easy, come ride Holbert trail on South Mountain, then get back to me.

Those pics are from National Trail, as Stinkyboy said, the "easy" run. :biggrin:


boob hater
Jan 24, 2004
Fvck Marzocchi...their newer stuff is not user serviceable, unreliable, and of poor quality. Doing a spring change on my 888RC is like brain surgery compared to rebuilding a Rockshox MoCo fork.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 30, 2006
Knees not a good place for injury, mine likes to make a clicking noise, hope it heals quick 4 ya!
My joints are pretty jacked as it is.
Right shoulder - dislocated numerous times, surgery earlier this year.
Left shoulder - makes a lot of clicking/popping sounds.
Right knee - jacked when I got hit by a car.

So, injuring my left knee was like balancing it all out! :biggrin:

Thanks for the healing vibes guys!