Goin' back to Cali...


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Oct 26, 2001
chez moi
to Cali, to Cali.

Yeah, that's right. Got the official news...I'm being sent to a California office in June! Steph and I are both really excited. Only hitch is that we're going hella Nor*Cal...San Francisco!

Still, it's going to be good to be back on the left (ie, right) coast. Looking forward to meeting up with people at Mammoth or Northstar or down at Sea Otter or whatever. When they don't have me on trips to Kabul or god-knows-where.



Turbo Monkey
Jan 20, 2003
New Hamp-sha
Good for you guys! Myself, wife, kid and dog on the other hand will be moving back to New Hampshire this Dec. (16th). I was offered a position at a company that I've been wanting to work with for years.

If you and Steph get up north for Skiing ect. let me know , we've got plenty of room.