Gomez completes his comeback with ITU Grand Final Victory

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    <p>With a season marred with injuries and recuperation, Specialized ITU star Javier Gomez (ESP) re-asserted his authority over the men’s professional field at this weekend’s ITU Grand Final in Auckland, NZ.</p><p>
    Just weeks previous, Gomez signaled his return to form, gritting his way to a strong second place at the Japanese ITU round while recovering from a sprained ankle he sustained in training.</p><p>
    Emerging from the water 36 seconds behind race, and series leader Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain, Gomez’s transitioned to his S-Works Venge with his work cut out for him.</p><p>
    “I was surprised out of the water,” Gomez told Triathlete.com. “I could see the leaders but I didn’t know that Jonathan and Richard were so far away. When they said he was 30 seconds ahead—that’s really dangerous.”</p><p>
    With Brownlee and fellow Brit Richard Vara leading the first three of bike laps together, Gomez and the chase group began eating five seconds per lap through Auckland’s mixed spring weather conditions. With the British Brownlee brothers known for their success in inclement conditions, Gomez knew he had to be bold to compete for the win.</p><p>
    “The conditions, the course, the rain … I knew it would be difficult to be a world champion,” Gomez says. “Jonathan is good as well in these types of conditions. On a course like this, he likes that.”</p><p>
    Following the bike leg, Gomez slipped out of his S-Works Trivent shoes, took off his Prevail helmet, and set out on the run course, to the task at hand.</p><p>
    In order to take the overall ITU World Championship title, he needed to win the day, in addition to making sure the younger Brownlee finished off the podium – Battling together though a tumultuous, rain soaked first run lap that saw race leader and crowd favorite Kris Gemmell (NZ) slip and fall, Gomez and Brownlee whittled away at their competition to battle one another at the head of the race. </p><p>
    “I tried the second lap, and the third lap, the beginning of the fourth lap,” Gomez said. “The hardest was the third lap when Sven Rieder was dropped and I was pushing hard, and I thought, ‘It’s going to be hard to beat him today.’ I tried a bit again on the fourth lap and then I decided to wait and stay behind and try to get him on the sprint.”</p><p>
    With 1K to go, Gomez decided to grab hold of the one part of the day under his control and the race win. The two men were in a near-sprint for the entire final 1000 meters, and Gomez surged ahead with 100 to go. The Spaniard finished two seconds ahead of Brownlee for the Grand Final win, but the Brit’s second place finish solidified his overall victory for the overall ITU title.</p>


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