good bike for pregant lady!


Sep 19, 2003
Bellingham, WA
ok I am only 12 wks along, but already it is getting painful to be hunched over on my full suspension. My husband bought a new seat post so it is more X-C but still have to hunch over. I have been looking at the cruiser bikes. the ones Giant, and others make. they are just so cool. just looking, can't really afford, unless it would be something that I can get a carrier for and haul the baby once it is born, and then still be able to use it.

a cruiser just seems more suited, because you basically sit upright and petal, no hunching over.

any thoughts or suggestions, looking for something that would not cost much more then $150. really tight. seen some on ebay for about that!


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Congratulations! I am a lucky pregnant lady who I am 19 1/2 weeks (almost 5 months) and still am comfortable on my XC bike. Also, I have been looking at the Chariot, Burley and Bob stroller/trailers to bring the baby along in for rides and they should hook up to a cruiser without a problem...they look quite easy to use. I too think the cruisers look like fun!