Good News!!!!


wheel man
Oct 11, 2001
I went for a ride Sunday!! Well it was on a paved trail and my 8 yr old and her 9 yr old pal kicked my ass. :mad:
But the point is my knee is not as bad as last time. Still may need to go under the knife to ride off road but the doc said time will tell. :thumb: Point is I can ride and plan to ride to work every day to get better. Have to have a knee brace for good! :mad:

DH Diva

Jun 12, 2002
jodysbike said:
Have to have a knee brace for good! :mad:
CTI! They are a great company to work with and most insurance companies will cover their equipment. The rep in the washington area is also a really nice guy and goes out of his way to work with you and make sure the brace is perfect and the insurance is dealt with properly. PM me if you want his contact info.