~~Good Thursday Morning!!~~


Jun 13, 2003
Hollywood, Maryland, United States
Good Morning Monkey’s!

It's Thursday do you know where your T-Shirt is? I don't still a no-show!

So what’s everyone doing today? Now that I'm a short timer at work pretty much nothing, just making sure that all my documents are loaded on our share point server.
This afternoon I have a cocktail party to goto with my new company.

Question of the day: Has Echo ever deleted one of your threads?

Yes (alot)


OMG! <3 Tom Brady!
May 2, 2005
Out of my mind, back in a moment.

Classes for 6 hours today. Nothing much else going on, just somewhat tired this morning. It's dusting snow up here. Kind of....depressing to see snow for the first time this season.

And sure, I've been deleted before. Who hasn't?


Trail Rat
Jul 8, 2002
Alamance County, NC
No thread deletion so far. I play by the rules. :p

Cool and crisp morning here in central NC. Yesterday's highs around 75, and now today nearly 50. That's the East Coast for ya....

Made it home from work yesterday with just enough daylight for about 20 minutes of a game I like to call "5-iron mountain biking." There's a horse pasture about 180 yards from my backyard with a riding ring in it--just about the size of a regular golf green. The object is to hit it inside the ring without losing your ball to either the high grass surrounding it or a pile of horse poop. A trail through the woods takes you up to the "green" where I ride my bike up though to find the ball and then turn around and hit it back to the original tee area. Meh......just something to do in the waning minutes before darkness settles in and I gotta start working on getting dinner ready. Kinda fun though. I was able to hit the "green" six times straight yesterday before finding the tall grass. A personal best. :D

Chilled out after dinner and checked out the new episode of "Lost" and "Invasion" after a lovely dinner of baked salmon, green beans, and new potatoes. Today is kinda slow as work has kinda slacked off a bit this week......

Crazy Sweeper

Jun 4, 2004
In a box
morning. Picking up the car today (hopefully). I was supposed to do my 6 month gun requals but they closed the range today. Typical of the navy for commands to not communicate with each other. Oh well, stepped into the office and my boss is out for the day so the other guys are letting me scam out so I can get my car sooner. What a great day!


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
Got my new fork the other day, so I threw it on my Bullit. Replaced the Monster with a 66. Also have been getting a lot of grades back recently and surprisingly I have done a lot better than I first anticipated. Work, class, homework, studying tonight. This weekend should be a good one.

I Are Baboon

Run, Forrest, Run!
Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
'Morning! Had a good hockey game last night. We won 5-0, so we advance to the best-of-three finals, which begin Sunday. It's going to be tough. We have a formidable opponent.

Other than that, it's business as usual.

I've never had a thread deleted that I can remember. I am above the law! :p Actually, I have had posts deleted because they were in threads that have been deleted by other mods.


Mar 14, 2005
Morning Monkies!!!!!

yesterday was a rough one... left work planning to coach basketball from 4:30 - 6:00 and then try out a spin class at the gym. In the middle of practice my friend called me to remind me of a Basketball game later on that night in Manhattan... so right from practice i rode my bike home ( in the pouring rain). grabbed my jersey and headed to chelsea for a 7:30 game. Wound up playing well... but had no energy. went 3/4 shooting beyond the stripe and got fouled a lot ( buncha wallstreet hackers) all in all 22 points.. not a bad nights work.
came home passed out.. very sore and tired today

well enjoy the day!!!!!


Good morning. Check in later. I hope to get my pics up at lunch, of the cross bikey.


Aug 11, 2005
sitting in class lecture about hand surgeries, while also studying neuro, thinking about sleep and still missing the "favorite disease" thread that got deleted.

but mostly looking forward to BS coming home tonight.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....want it, need it :(


Turbo Monkey
Aug 10, 2005
Med. to Well-Done in Phx
Good Morning!

Had an excellent Wednesday Night Ride last night. Easy spin for 15+ miles with a pitstop for some chips and beer at a local cantina along the trail. Explored a new section of trail on the way back. Got in some good climbs as well. Post ride tailgate cervezas. Clear evening, bright moon, temperature was perfect! Oh yeah.