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Feb 2, 2007
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The wife and I both recently got invites and will be participating in the Google Project Fi experiment. I ordered a Nexus 6 and the wife is getting a Nexus 5x. I know pretty much next to nothing about droid, as previously our only smart phones have only ever been apple, not out of any apple fan-boi loyalty, but out of the fact that I was able to buy them used dirt cheap.

What apps are must haves, what are other droid specific need to knows, and how the hell am I going to integrate all of my apple slaved music and podcasts?


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
As far as I know, and I haven't really tried, but there's no way to easily have your iTunes music on your Android. You'll have to use another method.

I've stuck with Android and currently use a Moto G and I also carry around an iPhone 5s for work (didn't want to mix with with personal shiz).

I don't play games or anything, so the only apps I use on a regular basis are Chrome and Strava.

I also use Songza, Google mytracks, etc. Most of the popular apps that you use on the iPhone are most likely in the Google play store.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 14, 2002
That's cool, as my Windows 10 tried to fucking eat itself again a few days ago, I swore to myself my next computer would be an Apple. While that doesn't exactly correspond to phones, I did find my Droid OS kind of self-destructed after a while too, getting buggier and buggier and slower as time went on. Turns out my Avast antivirus was causing the computer to enter an endless loop where it wouldn't detect the start bar and then it would restart itself, then attempts to uninstall the AV with the control panel were unsuccessful (why wouldn't they be?, an uninstaller that can actually fucking uninstall?, you've got to be kidding me, what kind of programmer would allow for that?). Anyway I can't complain too much about the two Iphone's (6 now) I've had, maybe not quite as many features/options as Droid, but they kind of make sure the stuff works well together to a higher extent.


Oct 5, 2015
if you seek for stability than use Apple: computer, tablets, smartphones... If you seek for a wide range of software then use Win and Android. As for the speed of a usage, Apple wins here also.. So, fast and no apps/software crash are the characteristics of Apple, but they have much stricter policy of a software approval on iTunes, so Android have much more apps to offer, and Windows is much more popular as OS for computers, so everyone who start making some program, first start making it for a Win...