Grand Ridge Trail Work (Seattle)


Jun 13, 2004
Our friends at the WTA will be working on this trail starting in November. This is a great trail, I did 3 work parties last winter. Lots of turns and ups and downs. Last year I didn't run into any othe MTBers. That made us look bad. This year I would like to see some of you out there.
From the WTA site:

Puget Sound Area. I-90 exit 20. Connected to the new Issaquah Highlands development is a beautiful forest. Within this forest we're helping King County construct a trail that will eventually connect through to Duthie Hill Park. The construction is halfway done. The hike to the worksite is a gentle 2 miles.

King County Parks Department is developing the ridge along the north side of I-90, across from Tiger Mountain, into a residential park with trails for hikers and mountain bikes. The trail leaves from the old Northern Pacific Railroad grade and travels up through second growth trees that increase in size as the trail moves up the ridge. There is no Freeway noise after the first half mile. Upon reaching the crest of the ridge, the trail moves through some mature growth, with varied understory, and provides access to the new Issaquah Highlands development at several access points. This should become a popular urban hiking and biking area,especially during the winter months.

I signed up for Saturday 11-5. Be great if some other bikers showed.
Sign up at wta.org.