Greenlake dirt jumps work party


Jan 6, 2008
Sea Town, Wash.
Hello all

Over the last several months a few dedicated riders have been spending countless hours giving the greenlake dirt jumps a facelift. The greenlake jumps have been around for close to 15 years now, but in the last few years they have been warn down and have become more and more difficult to ride. So now this is where u can help.
We want to rebuild greenlake to make it a good place to ride again. We have started with rebuilding the east coast line ( the far left line). Unlike the old greenlake the lips and landings are wide and consistant and have been rebuilt with real dirt. No More Crushed Brick!! We have one lip to finish before that line is rideable. So our next phaze is to start on the main line of doubles and the table tops. Because of the large amount of work your help would be much aprecated by all who ride and maintain the jumps.

The first work party will be next sunday the 13th at 10am
we have some shovels, rakes, picks,and a wheel barrow but if you could bring your own that would be great. having a second wheel barrow would be a big help!!

Ill post some picture later of the work we have already done.

Hope to see you out there

Feb 25, 2005
seattle, wa
would help if we had a where, as in like state, ect because if they are close enough (with in a few hours) I have a shovel and energy.

The Greenlake jumps are in Seattle, WA. You should come! I've been riding that place off and on for at least 10 years and yeah it's heyday has come and gone. I would definatly like to see it return to its former glory when huge night sessions would be going down under the lights of the neighboring soccer fields. I'll try to make it.
I haven't checked the PNW forum yet but if you haven't already; an X-Post would be a good idea.


Nov 3, 2007
Marietta, GA
I would love to come but I can't make it a weekend out of Seattle, with classes going and no money and the distance I would love to. If it was neighboring Georgia I would be there


Turbo Monkey till the fat lady sings
Aug 14, 2002
real dirt eh?

One good thing about the red clay is when the soccer kids climb up and down and the high school joggers run up and down and up and down and when the retarts w/ their remote control cars drive all over the lips, they stay in place..

Anywho, I'd come down just to yell "don't ride backwards!" and be a general jerk but I am still recovering from back surgery.