Greetings from Northeast Ohio


Oct 7, 2017
Kent, OH
Hi everyone!

My name's Mike and I'm trying to get back into mountain biking. It's something I've missed doing for a long time, but having four kids shifts your priorities a bit. Until recently I was riding an '01 GT Zaskar that I built from the ground up. She's held up well, however, with my aging body the medium frame just wasn't big enough for comfortable riding anymore. Well, that and the ancient components are showing a lot of wear. Instead of updating all the bits and pieces to keep riding a bike that's a bit too small for me I opted to go brand new. A few weeks ago I bought a new GT Pantera Elite and I absolutely love it! I've been out a couple of times for some short rides to get a feel for the bike, but it's definitely re-motivated me to start riding again.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the trail!