Grimeca System 12 on a 6" Postmount...? is there any way?

well as you can probably tell, i'm trying to work with a Grimeca sys.12 and a 6" postmount on an 07 888SL. from everything i have tried, nothing will work... i can tell that if there is a specific adapter out there that sets the caliper mounts off to the left everything will work fine...
is there some kind of mount? i have tried looking up bassano-grimeca online but everything concerning them seems to be down...

help please!
thanks in advance


Oct 15, 2001
Boston, MA
not with a 6" rotor...but you can with an 8" rotor. I have a Xt-755 IS caliper on an 08 Fox 36Float which is a post mount fork ( direct mount to a 6" rotor).

The bummer is the Shimano adaptor I needed ( which you will probably need to) is expensive...like about 50 bucks. Then figure another 20+ for a rotor.


May 6, 2007
The number on my adapter is sm-ma-f203s/p , That is for an xt-755 with 8 inch rotor to go on a post mount 07 888