Grip suggestions.

I love grips with the feel of ODI Ruffians, love that diamond pattern, so comfy. But I've got huge hands, so I hate riding a bike for a while with grips with a narrow outside diameter. The ones that come on the 2011 Demo 8s were too thin hands got sore from being wrapped around them, would Ruffians we thicker/wider (outside diameter)?
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I think you're out of luck, mostly because handle bar grips are all the same internal diameter, due to the bars all being the same diameter.

I like the Ruffians, and I also have a set of Rogues, and the Rogues may be slightly larger.

Edit:Just re-read your post. The lock on grips are slightly larger than regular grips, because they have an internal sleeve.
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max, I know there are thicker than average grips, but I'm afraid I don't remember any particular model (I'd say lizardskin had ones). But I think most mentioned such feature in the name, if that helps at all.

BTW, I'm in a similar situation... My grips work nicely, but after a while they develop play (I guess the gripshifters speed that). Should some clark lock-on grips solve this?


Sep 6, 2011
if your hands get sore after a ride try some thicker grips. i went from race face sniper grips (thin) to race face strafe grips (thick). these are the thickest grips i was able to find and i can notice a huge difference after a long/bumpy ride. i would recommend them to anyone that has large hands, or has hand fatigue after rides.


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Jun 18, 2004
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What about the Oury/ODI lock ons? They're pretty thick.
I can't believe it took so long for somebody to say Oury!

OURY OURY OURY! Sweet mother of big squishy plush grips! Do not foul it with internal locking sleeves of hard plastic! Rejoice in the classic silicone rubber of the gods!

Seriously though, I don't run anything but. IMHO, they're best run backward:



Sep 22, 2011
I can't believe it took so long for somebody to say Oury!

OURY OURY OURY! Sweet mother of big squishy plush grips!
Oury was the first thing I thought of, they've been around forever. You can often find them pretty cheap. I run them the normal way, because I hate flanges, but either way they are plush without being too squishy. I don't like Lock-on grips, but you can get them that way too. http://www.ourygrips.com/grips_menu.html