GT Bicycles Re-Signs Wells to 2006 MTB Team


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Sep 18, 2002
Toronto, Canada
MADISON, Wis. - December 21, 2005 - GT proudly announces that it has re-signed Todd Wells to the 2006 GT Team.

Todd Wells is like a Swiss army knife. In 2006 the former Olympian will be riding MTB XC, Cyclocross Road in what appears to be a very ambitious schedule.

“I will compete in the World Cup, select Norbas, National Championships and select UCI CX races and National Championships, said Wells. “I will also compete in Road in the San Dimas SR, Tour of Georgia, Tour of the Gila, the Fitchburg SR and the USPRO National Championships.”

That’s a lot of racing, but it pays off. Wells’ 2005 highlights include 1st-place at the Park City Norba National STXC; 3rd-place at the Brainhead Norba National STXC; 2nd-place MTB National Championships XC; 2nd-place at the MTB National Championships STXC; 2nd-Overall at the Tour of Connecticut Stage Road Race; 1st-place at the Tour of the Gila Crit; 1st-place at the USGP #6 in San Francisco; and 1st-place at the Cyclocross National Championships.

His goals for 2006 are no less ambitious. Todd wants to win the World Cup, the MTB National Championships, the Cylcocross National Championships and the US PRO Road National Championships.

How does Mr. Wells feel about riding for GT?

“I'm psyched to be riding for a company with such a rich racing history,” said Wells. “I grew up watching Gary Elis win all the BMX races. GT always had the best team. Then they sponsored Juli Furtado and Mac Gulickson on the mountain bike. I'm happy to be on a team that produced such champions, and to have a world champion, Brain Lopes, as a teammate is a great honor, too.”

This humble rider lets his results do the bragging for him. In 2006 look for Todd on GT’s Road bikes and the ID-XC and Zaskar MTBs.