Gwin Lands on Podium

Oct 20, 2009
<p>As rain threatened to dampen the party, Aaron Gwin (USA) rode to a season best 5th place finish this Sunday in Mont Ste Anne, Canada. Teammate Troy Brosnan (AUS) was 11th and Mitch Ropelato (USA) slid into 38th place.</p><p>
The track in Quebec is legendary, but this year had been groomed to almost bike park like quality, with many riders claiming it was "dumbed down". As the early week rainstorms kicked in, the track softened up and was soon rutted and rough after hundreds of practice runs exposed hidden rocks and sharp edges in the soft Saint Anne soil. Many riders rode down on flat tires and smashed wheels as they tried to break the 4 minute mark.</p><p>
Gwin was happy to be back on the podium this week. "It feels good to be on the podium, it's been awhile. Good to get a run down with no major problems finally. It was a bit wild with the weather conditions, but there was a few of us who had to deal with that one. I'm stoked to keep building and keep working. I got lucky as far as not riding in the rain, but the track was a lot slicker than I thought it'd be. I had a few lines that weren't working out so well in the wet. You just had to make the most of it and do the best you can."</p><p>
Brosnan wasn't satisfied with an 11th place, but made the best of a bad weather situation. "It was a good run, it was the best I could do in those conditions. Some people got lucky! My run was pinned and I pedalled everywhere I could. What can you do, everyone has times. I hope to have good luck for the next couple of runs and be more hungry for World's. My mind was a bit scattered at the top due to the weather, I wasn't in my regular race mindset.</p><p>
Ropelato says "I had a good run, thought I was a bit more on pace but ended up better than I'd thought after crossing the line…38th on the day was a step in the right direction and I'm looking forward to the last couple races".</p><p>
The team now has 10 days off before heading to South Africa for the World Championships. Brosnan and Ropelato are off to Whistler in the morning to prepare at Crankworx.</p>