Hadley 20mm Front play.....2

Feb 2, 2010

I need some advice as despite following the Hadley instructions, I cannot get rid of the small amount of play in my front hub.

I've fitted new bearings,tightened the axle then fitted and tightened the end caps (carefully) to the point where I can't feel any play in the axle with the wheel in the stand.

Problem is, when I re fit the wheel in the forks there is still a small amount of play. The only way I can reduce this is to further tighten the end caps but then if I remove the wheel and check the bearings, they feel like they are full of gravel because the end caps are too tight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated......


Feb 2, 2010
Yep...tried that, same result unfortunately.

The only way to remove the play is to tighten the lock rings to the point of damaging the bearings. I'm going to call Hadley Monday and also the shop where I got the hub from originally.

I thought it may be something to do with the forks but I took the axle out of the hub and it clamps up fine so that doesn't appear to be the issue.

This is getting REALLY tiresome...but these things are sent to try us I guess.

Thanks for the advice anyway....



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Jan 20, 2009
What fork is it in?

I have 888's with 66 lowers and I can't get rid of the play running a Nukeproof hub, however the same hub is play free in Maxle equipped forks.
Feb 2, 2010
It's in a Fox 36 180 20mm but I have a Lyrik and it's the same when I put it in that as well.

I think I've found the problem though. The axle has 2 locating points for the bearings. When you unscrew the axle end caps you can take the bearings off and replace them. When you re assemble the hub, you put one axle end cap on, insert it into the hub, then insert the bearing into the other side then screw the other axle end cap on securing the bearing.

The bearing are supposed to seat in 2 flanges in the hub however when I checked, with the axle end caps tightened, the axle is able to move backwards & forwards approximately 5mm meaning that if you push it all the way in one way, one of the bearings is seated properly while the other is not and vice verse.
If I then install the end caps and adjust them evenly as per the Hadley instructions, both the bearings are not fully seated in their respective flanges which makes them loose hence the play.

If I tighten the end caps to the point where there is no play then the pressure on the bearings makes them run really rough.
There is no way of adjusting them any other way so I've sent the hub back to the shop for them to have a look at as there must be something wrong.

Fingers crossed they can sort it out......

I'll post on here what happens....