For Sale Hadley rear hub, Hayes Stroker & avid code brake pads Gloves


Dec 4, 2003
Ga, the flat part
For sale is some MTB related stuff that's just sitting in the basement.

Hadley SDH 150mm x 12mm rear hub. It's 32 hole & 36 point engagement. $200 shipped

Have two sets of pads from brake systems I no longer have.

1 set of hayes stroker trail semi metallic $10 shipped

1 set of avid code organic compound $ 10 shipped.

Giro DND size med gloves. This is another item I got for my son for his b'day that he outgrew before he opened them. $10 shipped



Detective Dookie
Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
Can the hadley be converted to 142x12
not if you wanna run a 9/10/11 spd cassette.

you could convert it if you also switched to the single speed driver.

the shells on the 150mm hubs are wider than the shells for 135, but the 150 shell is the same as the single speed 135/142 hub shell.