Hadley rh from 12 to 10


Jan 23, 2005
B'ham, WA
Ok I screwed up and bought the wrong rear hub for my bike (it was a killer deal that I couldn't pass up). I have a Hadley 12mm thru axle hub and I need a 10mm bolt on. Its one of the newer Hadleys (I think '04) and I know I can convert it to a 10mm. What I want to know is what is the lightest way to make it a 10mm bolt on. Weight savings are more important to me than strength since I'm not super hard on stuff. I do however want to keep it a bolt on instead of a QR for the strength and peace of mind. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh yeah, the bike is a Demo 8, if that makes any difference.

binary visions

The voice of reason
Jun 13, 2002
You need to order the conversion kit and axle from Hadley. They're just a couple different sized end caps, and the new axle.

The plus side is that if you ever get a 12mm thru-axle frame, you'll have a hub for it :thumb:


Old Bastard Mike
Feb 26, 2003
Richmond, VA
I dunno if it's the lightest way but you can easily convert the 12mm to 10mm TA for about $40. The aluminium axle has a one key release nut (it has a tab that keeps it from turning in the dropout) and I don't think it weighs much more than a QR skewer. I run one on my XC bike.

Check www.balleracing.com.