happy humpday afternoon thread


Mar 14, 2005
ok i just went through 2 pages of posts , several times and did not find the good morning thread.. I am shocked.. this is the first time I have never seen it.. i dont get it.. wtf stosh???
unless possibly someone deleted it due to its content, if so now I really want to see it.
anyways.. good afternoon

I just got back from a nice long, windy, cool ride along the west side highway. it looks nice out , but dont let it fool you its cold..and now I have windburn. Its time for lunch and i am defrosting chili.. perfect on a cold day like today. after this Im heading to basketball practice, I acoach 7th grade girls travelling team. then off to work .

whats everyone up too???

Cooter Brown

Turbo Monkey
May 30, 2002
Snow Hall, tweakin on math
I took my big bike out for a ride last nite on the trails near my home. Pretty cool, not too much climbing, so it wasn't bad. Got lost, figured it out, got back to the truck, went home, ate some faheetuhs, dranks some PBR's, picked ticks from the ride off the dogs and myself and went to bed.

probably do an irbun ride tonite and check my new SS P2 out, drink more PBR's and chill. At work right now, about to fall fast asleep

going to Branson, MO this weekend, haven't been since I was like 12, don't know what to expect, except hillbillies, moonshine, mouth breathing morons and lots of traffic


Apr 19, 2005
Sitting at the office getting ready to do some software maintaince on some machines. Then it's off to the house and go for a jog.

After jogging I'll go clean up my Prophet 4X frame up and post pics on the monkey. Followed by a meeting at the shop to go over the winter merchandise.


trail builder
Jun 17, 2002
Calgary AB
I think I caught the bird flu. Work is kinda sucking today. We're supposed to be doing our reviews this week, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I'll probably just hang out and play some NFSU2 tonight...