Has this happened to any other owners of a Stratos S7?


Turbo Monkey
Feb 21, 2004
Falls Church, VA
Last Sunday I was doing shuttle runs with my friends. On my 2nd run, I crashed into a fallen tree stump. It was a pretty gnarly crash and I landed hard enough to bruise some ribs. Anyway, after the crash, I noticed my fork legs had twisted, looking down at it, the right side was further up than the left. I finished the rest of the run with crooked handlebars, all the while thinking I bent something.

Fast forward to last night, when I came home from work, I had time to take a look at the fork better. I ended up loosening the arch and the crowns and twisting the right stanchion back to where it was straight.

Now, I know this can happen with upside down forks under a hard front end crash, but I've never seen it on a normal dual crown fork before.

Is it because Stratos chose to use a bolt on arch that just clamps on the lowers? Rather than having the lowers actually bolt onto the lowers of the fork like a monster t?

Thankfully, I'll only have to ride on this fork for a few more weeks while I wait for the 06 66rc2x to be available.