Have I missed much?


Nov 27, 2002
Sammamish, WA
I've got to admit, the past few months have really been different. I'm sitting here watching TV, checking email, drinking a Redhook wondering why I haven't been on RM in a while.

I've missed you guys.

I left the WWU team in September, on to better things now! The drama of running a team like that took its final toll on me after 3 years. Just landed a job at Safeco Insurance in the IT department, stoked about that! Got 2 more quarters up at Western before that, and hoping to get in some good riding in the Spring before I move back down to the Seattle area.

Anyways, not really sure what the reason was behind this post, other then to say hey to those of you I haven't seen in months, hit me up if you want to ride.