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Turbo Monkey
Apr 8, 2006
New York City
Very sad Heard good things about the CHUMBA EVO G2 Frame

from the site
Unlimited possibilities. The EVO G2 is a long culmination of several years of R&D, including out-of-the-box thinking that has lead to the most customizable, innovative frame on the marketplace today. With the recognition that mountain bikers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and nuanced about their equipment, the EVO G2 recognizes the subtleties that lead to distinction in performance and quality.

While other frames make no distinction in suspension design whether using the linear rate of a coil shock or the progressive rate of an air shock, the EVO G2 is the first bike to make adjustments to the frame to account for the widely varying feels of the two shocks depending on which one you are using. Combine this feature with adjustable dropouts, a proprietary dual-link system, and immaculate craftsmanship, and few bikes will offer the experience afforded by the EVO G2.

A step forward in celebration of our sport, technology, and ever-increasing refinement.