hayes bleeding help


Aug 21, 2005
please help me!!!!!!!!Just bought a new set of hayes mag's to replace my hopes as They werent that good. I have fitted the hayes to the bike but cant get the things to work at all!!! When I bleed them the lever just pulls right into the bar (a couple of times I got some bite right near the end of the lever travel), I have bled them about 5 times, I think im following the instructions right but they seem kinda hard to translate, could somebody please tell me the correct way to bleed them? Any help much appreciated.


Sep 7, 2005
La Crescenta, CA
You need to attach a serynge (sp?) to the bleed valve on the caliper. Then, run the tube into the master cylinder reservoir. From there, follow the instructions for bleeding. My best advice would be if you are having trouble, take it to your LBS, pay them to bleed it, and watch how they do it. That is the best way to learn, and you will know how for the future.


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Feb 26, 2003
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Set up the bike in a stand with the lever pointing up at the sky.

Use a syringe to pump the fluid through. As you go give it a push/pull at the beginning a couple of times to draw bubbles out of the caliper. If a steady stream of bubbles comes out when you are pulling on the syringe then the bleed screw is leaking by, it is either too loose (loosen 1/4 to 1/3 turn max) or you need to apply some teflon tape to seal the threads. Keep pushing until all runs clear at the top. Gently give the lever squeeze then let snap back a couple times to shock any remaining bubbles loose. It's good to have a friend help here as the tube can pop off the bleed screw. Close bleed screw and remove the syringe. Put the master cylinder screw back in and test again.



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Feb 19, 2003
Man it's easy, you get a hayes bleed kit because it comes with all the little fittings you need a such. The bottle works fine that comes with it to push fluid from the caliper to the lever but a syringe works a little better. What you do is attach a bottle with the correct fittings to the lever and hold it up somehow (or get a second person to assist). You turn the lever up towards the roof or basicly rotate it so it's pointing up (so the bleed screw is facing up). Open the screw (take it out) and attach the fittings etc....

Now for the caliper. Get a syringe or the squeeze bottle and fill it full of dot 3 or 4 brake fluid. You want to attach the hose that comes with the kit on the bottle or syringe. You want to put the hose on the bleed valve on the caliper. Make sure that you pump fluid in the hose so that there is no air in the hose. Crack the bleeder and let the air bubbles come out (if there are any). Just make sure you pump slow and get all the air bubbles out. You then want to force fluid from the caliper to the lever and watch for bubbles. Tap the line as you're doing this to get trapped bubbles out. Once you don't see any more bubbles comming out of the lever and it just looks nice and clear tighten the bleed screw at the caliper. Put the screw back in the lever and just sinch down, don't go tightening it crazy or you'll mess the O-ring up. Wipe everything down with a rag and good to go. Reset the pistons in the caliper and all is done.

You'll want to reset the pistons before doing anything. It's always a good idea to take the pads out incase you squirt brake fluid over things you're pads will be saved. Also if you get any on your rotors clean with rubbing alcohol and be done.

Hayes are pretty easy. Takes a few times at first but after that it's stupid easy.


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Oct 20, 2005
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also you may have been bleeding them corectly the whole time but the hose connections can leak like hell if your not carefull, i would guess you checked them but after you bleed the brake clean the whole thing with windex and double check everything!