Heads up on a BAD seller

Rockin Johny

Jan 26, 2002
Ajax, ON
Just thought I would give a heads up to anyone looking to buy stuff from a seller that goes by the name of Anthony Hill, also uses Bill GaTtEs as a title on email names, and has an email addy of wasted00words at hotmail.com. He was dealing on Pink Bike, at least that is where I got ripped of by him.

Sold me a rear doublewide with 12mm rear hub. Told was in good shape, just need to be trued up a bit. Well wheel comes in, needs 31 of 32 spokes replaced, hub has no axel with it and rim is craked right through.

Wold hate to see what a wheel in bad shape was like :

Anyways, just thought I would post a heads up incase you run into this guy for a deal.