Hello From Ireland


Fear my banana
Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Hey everyone! Greetings from Ireland!!!

We are having a great time here.No phone/internet access at the apartment here in Dublin so we are at an internet cafe. We have seen soooooo much stuff!!! Viking SHOES!!! Chain maile from the 10th century!!! And sooooo many swords and armor you just can't believe it. The Gospel written in greek on papyrus dated to 150AD! We even snuck a few pix when we weren't supposed to (The Wife made me do it! ;) ) Went into the crypt at Christ Church
Cathedral. You can just feel the oldness in the walls. We walked on
actual medieval floor tiles. It has been incredible! :thumb:

The city is twisty, crowded and filled with deisel fumes. People ride bikes here in the city which is insane!The traffic is outrageous and the streets are narrow. People on old rickity bikes in the middle of busses and trucks with no helmets! :eek: And the girls are beautiful! They all look like The Wife! :drool: We went on a pub crawl and met two other couples (One from the U.S. and one from Canada) who were a blast to hang with. One of them had a fiddle with her... she took us to a pub where she sat in with the band! We drank Guinness and listened to live traditional Irish music till the bar closed at 3 am!!! We closed the joint! We have a couple of videos I'll post when we get back of the pub and the music.

Hope all of you are doing well. Post again soon.


mmm. . . Shamrock tunes and Guinness! Castles and monasteries!! Have a great time in the emerald country!!!