Mar 8, 2002
montreal bitch
Sorry to seem like I'm bittin Launch.

But I did exactly what he did on the NSMB bb and to pretty good success. And it looks like he copied me.

Anyway I have started up this magazine. It's called fr
(work in progress)

Our magazine is based largely on rider input. So we'll answer every letter that comes in.
here's the stock description I wrote up a time ago:

I have this crazy Idea. A new, a real freeride mag.
Pushing the envelope on 20, 24 and 26inch wheels.
Covering the craziest and most inspirational two wheeled riding around the entire world. From Urban mountainbiking in St. Cathrines Ontario to The red bull rides in Ausralia and the downhill BMX at the X-games.
It's all about inspirational riding people and places.

This is a sample of the kind of cover it might have:

Oh and the best part would be that you can order the best, toughest and most Hardcore gear straight from the Mag.

We're still developing this so I want your input.

one other nice feature you may like is that we are likely to be putting out a video cd w/ each ish.

If you want to take pics for fr or want to submit pics or articles just email me Dominic Porter I'll reply:thumb::love:


Nov 15, 2001
Marysville WA
Sorry about the site being soo slow. It is our hosting site. They dont allow us much bandwidth. I am in the process of getting a new site up and running. Should be fairly soon. Sorry for any inconvenience.


sounds like a really good idea guys, I will reserve final judgment until I have actually read the mag but if ya do what ya say yer gonna then it should be one kick a$$ piece of paper. I like the fact that ya have reviews by riders and not whiny little bitch staff who complain about everything. I wanna hear how bikes handle, turn, react, hold up in real world conditions with real world riders, not only bikes but other gear as well. I will be waiting for my subscription form. :)