Helmet Qs from a newoob


Pig my fish!
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May 23, 2002
I need a new helmet, as riding my giro hex on my road bike makes me feel like a goon.

I'd like to spend under $100, or thereabouts, as I'd also like to drop some coin on fancy SPD shoes for my MTB.

I've seen a few decent, off-brand italian helmets for less than the big guys, like Giro or Bell. My other helmets are all giro or bell, and I fit into a medium helmet in those brands pretty well.

The ones I'm looking at are the Lazer Genesis, Kask K50, or the Catlike Vacuum. Do any of these helmets stand out any more than the others? Any sizing recommendations? I measured my head at about 23", maybe a little less, and my medium Remedy fits tight, my Medium Hex fits perfect, and my Medium Bell Skate lid fits loose. I would guess that I need a medium Lazer or Kask, but the sizing on those are weird. Any suggestions?