Help build new DH trail on Teton Pass!! (xp)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rideit, Oct 24, 2005.

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    If any of y'all are withing range of Jackson Hole, Teton Freedom Riders is building a new connector to the Crater Lake trail, in full cooperation with the FS.
    Picture 10 foot rock drops, jumps, berms, log rides, etc...whatever you can imaging with the existing terrain, we pretty much can build.
    This new connector will replace the fire road section, and remove DH-ers from other users...hikers, CC dudes, horses, drunk midgets, what have you.
    We started yesterday with 20 volunteers, and got off to a great start on 'Jimmy's Mom'.
    Much thanks to Backcountry Provisions and Down on Glen for Tasty munchies, and Snake River Brewing for....duh.
    seeing as the weather is staying great, we are calling out another big trail day before the winter hits!

    10:00 AM, Teton Pass, phillips canyon/Crater lake turnout
    Sunday, 30th Oct.
    Contact Scott @ Fitzgeralds bikes, 307 734 6886 or
    Harlan @ Wilson BC, 307 733 5228
    or myself @ 208 709 4202 for details.
    Beer and Food probably provided!
    Thanks, Teton Freedom Riders!

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