Help building Nukeproof Solum DJ


Mar 29, 2014
Hello, I've been riding mountain bike and street-bmx for a couple of years now and I feel ready to move on to the intermediate; dirt jump. I got some really decent tracks in my area (Hafjell etc.) so I really look forward to complete my bike.

Anyway, lets go on-topic:

I want to build a bike myself and have found this frame:

I need you're help to find a decent crankset that fits to this frame. I also need help with Bottom Bracket, Headset, stem and handlebars. I think I got a fork that fits from my old MTB. Its a RockShox Reba 26" (Please tell me if thats a bad choice). And last I need a rear hub so i can rebuild one of my leftover Stans 26" wheels.

I appreciate all replies.

Greeting from a noobie from Norway.
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Jan 20, 2009
Nice, that's probably the only Nukeproof product I'd buy.

Headset is easy, there are a few 44mm headsets on the market. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/nukeproof-warhead-44iets-headset/rp-prod85845

Frame has Spanish BB and there are loads of crank/BB options, you can go from a Profile type 19m spindle to a 24mm Saint spindle you just have to get the right crank BB combo. Been through this just recently but mine was a lot trickier than your frame.

I don't know much about DJing so bars and that can be left to the other guys, same with the Reba I know nothing about them I just assume if it's Rockshox it should be swapped out for a Marz ;)


Jun 14, 2003
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double the profile cranks suggestion. In fact, coming from the bmx perspective, I'd say any profile product is a safe bet. Not always ideal, but always safe.

As for forks, thats usually one of the most expensive components (as I recall, no mtb for me for quite a while now). So run what you have to see what you like and don't like about it first. And get on your buddy's or folks you meet's bikes to see how their forks feel. But as I'm sure you know, short travel, stiff, strong.

As for wheels, again hubs - easiest answer is profile. rims, no idea hear on product, but get something strong but not that expensive. if you are just getting into trails/dj, then you are probably going to blow some rims/wheels up simply from the learning process. Don't break the bank when it happens. tires, tready but low profile - no slic, no knobby - eg a prototypical trails mtb tire is (or was) the K-rad.

Breaks..... I defer to folks here, but is it possible to avoid disc brakes?? but only in the back. I can't recall what people run on mtbs, just look up photos of the boondocks trails and see what some of those dudes are running. They've got their act together.

Also, same hear, I know nothing on the mtb bars front..... something that won't snap on you (i've seen bmx bars snap, and they are usually way beefier than mtb).

Otherwise, I'll give you the same damn advice I give everyone, including myself. Just run something then hate/break it and replace. Continue until you love all parts of your bike.