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Discussion in 'Trials' started by Tetreault, Oct 18, 2011.

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    So basically i'm looking at getting a mod bike, i want to go complete for the sake of it being easy, i'm not looking for a project.

    I don't really have a budget either, if i like it enough ill throw the $$$ at it

    Brand, geo, ect doesn't matter to me either, i just want to get a mod, and give it **** in a couple warehouses over the winter and in the basement, and then keep going with it come spring

    Basically all im looking for is does anyone know of brands that you can get set up through a local shop, or open an account with? Reason being is A) i work at a shop, so if i can bring it in = cheap and B) it seems that nearly all brands i inquire into about distribution, they are just sold to either online shops or store fronts that have set up to be a dealer but are required to carry X amount of units.

    The problem with this is that my local city does NOT have ANY trials following, so i would be hard pressed to convince my shop to open up an account with.

    So basically, does anyone know, of any brand that is easypeasy to set up with through a shop, so that i can get myself a mod for what employees pay?

    if not i'll just go through tartybikes and pay full price for a potentially lesser bike and get destroyed by customs at the border

    Thanks a lot in advance

    TL;DR Shop employee in canada looking to get a 20" through shop, where do i look

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