help! i need bb help!


Turbo Monkey
Aug 15, 2003
Cape Cod, MA
get liquid wrench and douse the f*cker in it, then use an impact gun with the proper tool to loosen it. chase the threads, grease the shell, and attemp to rethread it in. if you have neither the know-how or the tools to do this, get it done at the shop. bb threads are not something fun to f*ck up.


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Oct 20, 2005
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stay away from the impact wrech they'er so fast any little bit of sripping becomes a whole lot in a hurry, youre better off having a buddy hold the wrench in place so it doesn't strip and use a long cheater bar after turning about a 1/4 turn it should loosen up then go to your local shop and have them chase the threads to at least 1/4 inch deeper than the bb cup is going to go. if it doen't loosen right up you can probaly find a cool '05 model frame on close-out somewhere.

also always remember to lube the shizzle out of anything you thread into a frame. especialy dissimilar metals