Help Me Buy Action Camera to Carry on My Bike


Feb 21, 2018
I want to purchase an Action Camera so that I can record some of my bike trails.
I'm not really sure what to buy considering I'm no Pro in tech gadgets and it will have to be water and shock resistant.
I'm also looking for a camera which:
- Can Record videos without a lot of distortion (like when you ride on gravel)
- Can be easily attached to any bike support.
My Budget is 300€ (MAX) and I need to buy it from Portuguese store (i’m living in Portugal) because of any RMA issue that might come up.
I think with this budget any GoPro is out of the race...
I've found some "Chinese" brands which seem good in paper.
From my selection, which one should you choose?
So far I found a website that gathers some Portuguese shops. I have already sorted some cameras that I think might be a solution.
My filters ended up with these solutions (sorry for the long link)!