help me find a bike.

Discussion in 'Cross Country, All Mountain & Trail Riding' started by Moogie, Aug 30, 2005.

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    Nov 27, 2001
    aright, im a poor college student who just moved to the midwest from the PNW. I didnt ship the bike i usually use, as it is my brothers and he needs it. there is a bike shop here that is selling this : http://www.bianchiusa.com/569.html
    for $550 with a flip flop hub. i was wondering if it would be cheaper to buy here or build my own bike from shops in the Seattle area that i know of and then ship it here. ive never ridden fixed, but i usually ride a single speed. i need it to get to class, and it needs to be reliable as well as reasonably cheap. i dont want to get it stolen so i think im gonna cover it with some tape and also lock it as well as the wheels. everything on the bike is bolt on so i should be pretty safe. my dorm room is pretty small so i dont think i can put it in here. anyways thanks in advance, any comments are welcome.

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