help me print using IP address????


May 18, 2003
Portland, OR
Hey all,
I recently finished my MS at school, but don't have a job yet. As such, I need to be able to print resumes, etc. My school let me keep domain access, so I can work in my old building looking for jobs. However, they recently went to a pay-for-printing system, and I have no way to load money to my account (no school financial account anymore).

I know this is a bit devious, but I gave the school more money than I care to think about, so I'm not too worried. I know I can print using TCP/IP printing, and I think all I need to do is print to the printers IP address. However, I've been told that the address may be for the printer server.

The address I have is How can I tell if this is the printer address, or the address of the printer server? I enter it into my browser, and I get the printer's configuration page... is there a different address I should be looking for.

Any other tips on setup would be helpful. And, remember, you are helping me find a job that would enable me to get paid and in turn donate money back to the school... :sneaky:


Old Bastard Mike
Feb 26, 2003
Richmond, VA
Add printer as local printer or directly connected to computer. When it asks for port, select "create a new port", select port type as Standard TCP/IP and fill in the info for the address.