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Apr 4, 2012
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Can you all please take 5 mins to vote for my wife Gayle, she's been shortlisted for the Nurofen Big Lives award and is hoping to use the money to upgrade her 1999 Santa Cruz Super 8 to a more modern bike. As she's getting a bit bolder and racing she's worried she will brake the old bike.

VOTE HERE http://a.pgtb.me/G0tqKp

It would make Gayle's day if she wins and she might stop moaning at me for buying a new M3 frame last sunday (I was supposed to be looking for a new bike for her)

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Jan 20, 2009
Facebook Nurofen comp, drugs are for sissies, not voting.

Gayle Atherfold-Dudley
I love downhill (DH) racing. A year ago aged 35 I decided I needed a new challenge so chose to hurl myself down a steep hill on a pre-loved 14 year old DH bike. I’d never been so scared in all my life, but I loved it. The achievement of simply getting down a mentally and physically challenging track is indescribable. I’ve met amazing people, seen amazing places, and screamed a lot.
- video of me racing.
If I was selected I would put the money towards the purchase of a new DH bike. As much as I love my old bike (a 1999 Santa Cruz Super 8 called Grandad) he’s too big and heavy for me to manoeuvre. I’m also scared I’ll break him as he’s totally irreplaceable. A new smaller, lighter bike with all the benefits of modern suspension design will definitely help my riding improve and allow me to reach my goal of competing at the Welsh National DH Championships or my ultimate goal of landing a jump!


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Oct 30, 2003
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I need an ankle fixed, both rotator cuffs are torn, bad knees, and potential heart disease. Could I get some help too?
We rode with a couple of the young guys last night. One of them is going to Brown for his PhD in Bio-engineering so we created a list of parts we would like him to design for us and offered to be his research projects :D There is a wait list for his services but he works for beer so we're all good and could probably get you an "in"!


Aug 17, 2013
Hi People,

I'm the said wife of Darrel, the comp isn't a load of spam, it's a genuine competition to win £1500 toward a persons chosen sport. Darrels not a newbie (unlike me) he's been here since april2012 he's just shy so lurks rather than posts.

As you can see I'm not the fastest of riders, but I give it my best shot and have FUN :weee:. If you ever ride at the forest of dean, cwmcarn, or Llangollen then you might of seen me. I ride a 1999 Super 8, which is too big and too heavy for me, and I am currently saving for a new bike (nothing too posh as it would be wasted) I discovered this comp while laid up at home with a dislocated collarbone (very painful hence the nurofen:D), after I came off at a race in Llangollen.

I'd be soo happy if I won, unfortunately I don't have any naked pics of me (and you'd probably not want them) but heres one from a shoot I did a while back


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Feb 2, 2007
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Whether or not the contest and link is legit, exactly why am I supposed to vote for a complete stranger who's never contributed anything to this community except for spamming a link? We could all go for a new bike I'm sure. Good luck and all I guess, but I'm not voting for anybody.

And... not sexy.
Neither are you cupcake. :p
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