Help needed choosing bike!

Jul 8, 2014
Hello as an avid XC rider (without the spandex.. LOL) I want to dabble in something a little different. I have decided I want a bike that will handle more extreme trail and DH and also be able to hit some big air. I was stuck between a slopestyle and freeride bike.... After speaking to some friends they have said for what I want to do a freeride bike is probably the better choice. Searching the internet only confuses me as alot of bike manufacturers label their bikes as freeride/downhill... But this doesnt make sense as a freeride bike should have different geo!! :think:

If I tell you what I THINK I am looking for could you hammer some bike suggestions out..

Must go up and down (2xchainring)
150-170mm travel
be able to handle big air (no DH rigs) but be able to take on DH
cost up to 2,000 pounds or $2500 (someone has stolen my pound key!)

Please advise!!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jack K

Jan 13, 2017
2x chainrings are still good if you're not a leet baller like some people. You won't need it if you're gonna go strickly DH or even Enduro. Since you're talking pounds I'm assuming you're in UK, so I'm probably not the best person to give advice as I don't know what bikes cost over there. Here in Canada I'd go with a RockyMountain Slayer, Devinci Spartan, or Kona Process. They're not full DH rigs by any means but can handle a lot of punishment.


Turbo Monkey

Been riding the fuck out of mine, enduro and xc stuff.
Pretty sure it would handle downhill like a boss with a slightly bigger fork then the Fox 34 i have on it now.

So if you still want to pedal it around get something like the Commencal.
If its strictly downhill and big jumps/gaps NOTHING will be as much fun as a full on dh bike.