Help out an MBA student by completing a short survey on e-MTBs!

Tracey Brown

Apr 1, 2017
Hi there!

I’m an MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business working on a project on electric mountain bikes. I’m looking for some trustworthy opinions and figured this was the spot to find real enthusiasts!. It would be of immense help if you could take 10 min to fill out the survey below for my research. Even if you’re not an e-MTB rider, it would be great to get your opinions. As an added incentive, my team and I were able to include a prize drawing for participating – we’ll be randomly selecting three participants to win an iPad! (iPad Wi‑Fi 32 GB 9.7” –Space Grey)

Here’s the link for the survey: https://eu1.intellisurvey.com/run/rn0349270626f?pan=99&s=201

Thanks in advance for your help! Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions :)




Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
Hi Tracey. First of all, text in all italics sucks. Why not use comic sans at this point? Second, so do e-bikes. Thirdly, no Canada in your country list? I know we're basically your 51st state, but if ya list France at least list us.

I also believe that I have won the iPad. How can I collect it?