help support off roaders


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
I should have said what I was thinking:

-Yes, all-terrain vehicles and motorized bikes are major sources of environmental damage.

But they can't cause damage if they stay out of off limit environmental places like sancutuaries. I think much less damage will be caused if they play in designated parks, backcountry areas that aren't criticaly protecting animals or resources, etc.and stay on trails/roads through places like parks.

-No, off-roaders should be able to enjoy all areas of forests and grasslands.

I don't exactly think they should be able to go anywhere, they should just stay out of environmental areas such as animal sanctuaries, etc.

I do support offroaders, I just think the poll is kind of weird and grey.
The whole issue is complicated and grey.

Thats is just MY opinion.