help with 180's and 360's


Jul 12, 2007
I keep eating it attempting to do these tricks. I can 100 degree. I drop off a 6 inch ledge and get 120 or so but i fly off every time. I am clearly doing something wrong. I right left foot forward and i am spinning clockwise cause that is more comfortable than going counter. Do i just need to keep practicing or is there something I'm missing. I dont' think i'm getting the height or rotation, duh. When i try to do a static 180 i can pretty much only 90. I think my problem is the take off and how my body is positioned as well as winding up? Any advice will be much appreciated.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 29, 2006
i finally started sticking 180s and i'm working on rolling out of them right now. for me, it's really bizarre, i can get faster rotation when i turn to the left, but i tend to turn to the right because i feel more balanced and as a result i loft the bike up higher into the air. the motion comes mostly from your hips and shoulders, but make sure you're looking where you wanna land. that's really really important, it's been the thing that, once applied, made me start landing them every time.


Oct 9, 2006
I still can't stick a real goo 180º off of a bunny hop, but I was told to try and bite my shoulder when you spin. It seems to have worked very well.


Turbo Monkey
Nov 28, 2005
Spreckels, CA
When I first started taking Tae Kwon-Do a long time ago- I couldn't throw a spinning kick worth beans. I had great form, practiced a lot but couldn't get enough rotation to get around to the target. Then one day my instructor told me to lead with my head and bang, everything came together. Basically wherever your head goes, your body has to follow.

So as soon as you come off the lip and start rotating, throw your head around as fast as you can to spot your landing. Your body will be forced to catch up.
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
I'm hit or miss on my 180s. I seem to ride worse when it's cold so thats making it hard now as well. I am not comfortable riding fakie yet so I usually end up doing 180s static or on a small wedge or something. I imagine my 180s will improve when fakie does?? Not sure....
One thing i really concentrate on when doing 3's is basically think of it as 2 180's. I spot the back of the lip that I just took off of and then continue to spin and spot my landing. It helps me from over or under rotating and also allows you to throw in x-ups and suchat that midway point
Mar 10, 2005
Santa Cruz/Sacramento, Ca
It's probably a bit different on a hardtail from a bmx's standpoint, but when I try to throw 180's or threes, I make sure I do an actual bunny hop and come off of the rear wheel before I spin.

I've only recently started to throw hop threes, so I haven't gotten a chance to try them on a hardtail, but 180's weren't too much different from a bmx. Carve. Hop. Spot. Spin. Land.

About the falling off of the bike when you haven't gotten all the way around. The reason you're falling isn't because you aren't spinning enough; it's because you've still got loads of momentum invested in your spin when you land, so you just naturally fly off when you land short of your goal. Try to pull up harder on the bunny hop part of the spin and keep the carving to a minimum. I've been working on manuals to 180s and I barely make it three fourths of the way whenever I pop out of the manual, but I rarely fall off of my bike because I don't have that much momentum in my spin.


Mar 31, 2004
Denver, Colorado
My friend tought me how before I learned 3's. He told me "Turn and look that direction like there is a really nice set of tits just over your shoulder". Ever since then I've had 3's dialed.


Mar 13, 2007
Leominster, MA
if you're doing like slow bunnyhop 3s or 180s...sometimes try carving into the turn with your front wheel...like turn ever so slightly the other way from the spin, and then in one motion carve into the spin and hop and look under your armpit. If you look over your sholder, you have more of a tendency for the front end to pop right up.

Looking where you're spinning is seriously 75% of the trick. Also, try learning 180s out of a banked slope...if you have one. If you dont have a banked slope then just find a grassy area. I really had to carve to get my bike around for a 180 when I first learned em.
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
Yeah.... I can get them on a bank just fine (because it gives you just a little more time to get the front end around). I just can't seem to get them dialed on flat ground right now. The weather has been ****ty so there is too much time between riding sessions for anything to really stick right now.