help with school... project about trail wars.


Aug 25, 2003
Nor- Cal
i have had trouble tryin to find information on trail closure and thought i could get some help from my homies! if anyone can help with the following it would be greatly apriciated.

1. historical background of the problem
2. evidence the problem exists
3.political status of the issues
4. a critique or alternate position on the problem
5. a solution or sugested solution.

references to sites where i can find Facts and good information would be awesome. my Sr. first semester grade is dependant on it now!
please help.

books also wanted.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 8, 2003
neither here nor there
perhaps the best example i can think of for this is either southern cali or even better the north shore trails... i would recomend that you contact the guys from www.nsmb.com about some history behind the destruction and closure of their shore trails.