Dec 31, 2007
Hi am a beginner and thinking about buying a new bike. I love the freerideing and north shore stuff in all the videos. I don’t know if I will be doing some small stuff but I would like to have a bike that will be able to take small drops or jumps by nothing like the cliff drops . I am looking a t the kona shred. It is mainly a dirt jumper but I would be using it for some all mountain riding, dirt jumping and a little freeriding. I would like a light bike, and when riding on trails I can ride pretty comfortably with out a lot of extra effort. I want front suspension and im not looking to spend more than 600 dollars. I just want to make sure that im not buying a bike that will be hard to use for xc or all mountain. I was also looking at the canondale f7. Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 16, 2004
In a Van(couver) down by the river
If you are new to the sport, get a used hardtail. There are a bunch of reasons for this. First, cost: if you hate it, you are not out all that much. Second, skill: a hardtail (and this is even more true of a rigid) will force you to learn how to ride properly. Starting on a big bike leads to sloppy riding, overconfidence, and bigger injuries (you really should have to earn those). Third, value: on your first bike, you are going to be a rolling gong show for a while. Why put all that abuse on a really nice, really pricey bike that will only make a difference on stuff that you are not even close to doing yet? Get a cheap used hardtail that you can beat into the ground. There are lots of options out there. The Kona is probably not all that bad of a choice. Check some of the Iron Horse stuff, too.