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Reincarnated Crab Walking Head Spinning Bruce Dick
Nov 30, 2003
Groton, MA
I crashed my girlfriend's VW into a tree as I attempted to shave my taint while driving to Starbucks. Now she's pissed at me, so I dumped her. Only problem is I find out she's not on BC and might be pregnant. Since I don't have access to a car anymore, I need to dust off my bike. Should I get pink or baby blue ano cranks for my fixie? Is there an iPhone app that will weigh the pros and cons of each color?

Please advise.

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Hey baby, want a hot dog?
Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
oh...oh....I got one.

Look at this dirty yard. *insert pic of suburban backyard* can you believe my 4 y/o daughter buried all these dead hookers?! SHEESH! How do I deal with this handful while the tow truck comes to get my grocery getter! Off to go re-lay some sod!