Hey from NYC!


May 15, 2012
Hey everyone! I've actually already bothered some people with questions on here but figured a formal introduction is in order :D

I'm 24 and live in NYC. Over the last couple of years working a desk job I picked up some extra weight and since I've loved bikes ever since I was a little boy decided to get back into biking... This time mountain biking! I got a '09 Specialized Hardrock Disc last week and have only taken it on a paved path so far, though I did bang out 23 miles in two days... not bad for a smoker who hasn't been on a bike in years :rofl:

Just to clarify, by extra weight I mean that I'm 6'-6'1" and 205lbs, though a lot of it ended up in the midsection haha.

I plan to start hitting some trails in the next week or two, haven't picked up a bike rack yet. Wouldn't mind hooking up with some locals on local trails around here.

PS, my nickname doesn't have anything to do with that little green plant!

Nice to meet everyone :)