Hey, Need some help assembling my Jump bike, Please.

Discussion in 'The Shop' started by Grass hopper, Jun 13, 2012.

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    Jun 13, 2012
    Hey forum, I need help assembling my bike, PLEAASE.

    I'm a newbie to assembling bikes from scratch, But i'm pretty handy with tools and have ridden bikes my whole life.
    So I mainly need help in getting the right parts for my bike frame.
    Obviously I need parts that fit, But I'm unsure what parts will fit my bike. So far the job is proving to be a pain in the but,
    Because google isn't helping, the local bike shop didn't help either, as soon as they figured out that I wasn't interested in buying their overpriced gear they virtually switched off.

    To make matters a tiny bit harder, I live In Poland and I'm not yet %100 literate in the Polish language, and I'm looking to buy the parts on a Polish similar to ebay.

    All help will be TRULY and GREATLY Appreciated (as always)

    This is the bike I have. (the frame) It's a 13" frame

    Da bomb - Grenade

    Bottom Bracket

    Right now I'm stuck on the bottom bracket. Because I don't know what to get?

    I use this site, and the link leads to the bottom brackets listed in order of lowest price first:

    This one should fit, right???

    rear derailleur

    I also need help with the rear derailleur, As I don't know anything. Actually, I know you can get derailleur's with shorter arms, and since I'm going to use this bike for dirt jumping I think a shorter arm is a good idea, right?

    Gyro brake complications

    I would prefer to get Gyro brakes. Though my bike doesn't have the little stopper things welded on that hold the cables for a gyro, I think it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get around that (hopefully).
    But, at this moment I really just want to start riding the bike, so gyro brakes can wait, but, I would like to fit them eventually.

    At the moment I have a fork Half fitted with a stem, but there is no bolt on top of the fork. I know what I need to buy, except that what I have in mind is not compatible with a gyro brake kit.
    I need a bolt (the bolt that goes on top of the fork, above the stem) with a hole through the middle, so that I can run the front brake cable through the fork, But I have no idea what cap to get.
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