hey remember the car i was using


triple nubby
Jan 7, 2011
hopkinton ma
well particularly the 1999 red benz sl 500 that my dad was letting me use for some reason...... (i know i sound like a arrogant ass hole) but any way some one tried to steel it when my dad went down the cape to see a very sick family friend. well any way the couldn't take it so they decided to destroy it instead

any way all added up all theres about 15,000 in parts destroyed. the bastards stole the radio, heating unit, knifed the seats, air bags, door panels. destroyed the wood center console slashed the tires, smashed the rims with a hammer took out the gage cluster and smashed it on the ground. kicked in the fender and attempted to rip the bumper off. but the icing on the cake they cut the wire harness.

wtf is wrong with people........


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
My brother had a car vandalized like that. They stole the headlights, kicked in the fenders and destroyed the interior. His insurance agent said that the vandals probably tried to do just enough damage to get the car totaled, pick it up as scrap, rebuild and sell for a tidy profit. the key is to get a couple of cars each with half the parts in pristine condition.


used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
Ive been trying to figure out a way to rig pepper spray to a car in the event of a break in
Wouldn't be hard, all you'd need is the barometric pressure type alarm sensor linked to a relay and central locking actuator pressing on the button or you could put a barb on the actuator and have it pierce the can.

A sensor on the hood to mace cats that like walking on the hood could be nice too.

Not really useful for the OP but it's cool to know this is legal somewhere.