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Oct 18, 2002
The Cleft of Venus
It's been a crazy bizzy summer/fall for ol' N8.

Swam in the pool a bit

Grilled out

Went to Angle Fire to watch the Chile Challenge

Enjoyed to NM land and sky scapes

Hosted flatlander buds from Louisiana

Witnessed some stunning sunrises

...and spectacular sunsets

Bought a house... hard to resist a 4% interest rate and the deals a depressed housing market holds

..with a crazy stained concrete floor, and...

great views out of my back windows

Took a trip to Colorado in July with my girlfriend

Hit up a brewfest in Salida on the way to Denver

Had a BLAST in Denver with great friends

Hit up our fav brewery (Left Hand Milk Stout FTW)

Rode mtb's and even got in a hike in the mts above Breckenridge

Played host for my buddy from New Zealand who was on his way from La to Cali in his 1970 Travelall

We took a quick trip over to Sedona

And we rode the trails behind my house

And out at White Mesa

My photographer buddy even took some killer shots of the Mad Kiwi and The Roadkiller. Recognize the scenery? Its on Breaking Bad frequently.

Finished Shots:

Drank some really great beer:

Finally Fall hath arrived summoned by the golden aspens... soon I will be strapping on my xc skis and hitting pow. Cheers, N8 out.
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Aug 20, 2007
Yeah, could end any day now. But the little bit we got is gone except for the shady spots up on Pajarito, as well as the several inches of hail from a few weeks ago. Perfect riding weather today - 60*F & sunny - so I'm planning on another night ride this evening.

Your season is getting close to ending... snow yet?


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Jan 28, 2004
but at least it's not AR.

I've ridden all over N/NW AR and it's ok... better than the trails in La barely.

As far as the ppl go, La has better peeps, and NM wants you to stay home.
Don't live in Arkansas anymore. But the trails in AR are solid, it's no NM or CO, but there still awesome.