hippy tech?


Apr 6, 2007
sst, WA
I just got my forks ('04 Manitou Sherman break out plus) back thought my local shop, and the dang things are all kinds of messed up!:disgust: the 20mm axle is too fat to fit in my hub! :rant: the disk brake adapter is all bent out of shape! and the sides are all skuffed and scratched in new ways! but most of all (I haven't looked in side yet)the travel lock out dunt work!!!!!:plthumbsdown:

So I was wondering if this was to be expected again or if I should try some where else next time? :banghead: also should I try to get "my" axle back, or just machine down this one?

and yes I did hear about the one man operation and Manitou sending all of their work his way.


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Aug 8, 2005
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I have seen a couple manipoo's come back with the lockout not working, but as far as the axle not fitting your hub, thats just strange, unless there is an unseen problem with your hub. But most of all your brake adapter being bent and mangled, that sound funky, those thigs are fairly tough, but at the same time, If they sent the fork out, I have to ask why didnt there tech strip all the parts off of it prior to shipping it out? Thats step one for us, take off brake mounts/adapters, bearing races Etc. Manitou's are one of the few we send out, and do not do ourselves, most everything else we do the overhaul right there on the bench, we started sending Manitous out for the same reason you have, we were having issues with the lockouts. Hope everything gets squared away for you, Def talk to the shop you just had it at, and bring up everything you listed here, and bring your wheel with you, maybe they will see something you didnt on the axle.


Nov 30, 2003
Not sure what hubs you have, but some have a floating tube spacer in the middle. Feel inside the hub and make sure that it is lined up.


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Jan 25, 2003
Dont send anything to Hippie Tech. My buddy sent his 5th Element to them and they ruined it. Plus they charged him for parts they didnt even replace. They told him they replaced the main shaft because his was bent. When he got it back you could see wear marks on the shaft...... they MIGHT have replaced it but it was with a USED one if they did. He called them several times and they told him they replaced it with a new one. He asked about the wear marks and they told him there was no way it had wear marks. The shock felt terrible no matter what he did to adjust it. He was use to running and tuning 5ths for years and could never get the thing right after he got it back from them. I have heard lots of other stories about them, all bad.


Apr 6, 2007
sst, WA
well thanks for the advice guys! I'll have to get back to the shop as soon as possible. and I think that next time I'll find a shop that can do it for me.


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Oct 21, 2004
Los Osos
I bought an AS-X from a buddy that had a 5th Element w/fresh Hippie Tech rebuild. He said it took them months to do the work. I only got a few weeks in on the bike before the back end broke off, but for those few weeks, the 5th felt REALLY GOOD. Would I recommend them? Probably not. Do their services measure up? IMO, yes.


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Sep 6, 2001
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If you are having trouble, try sending it to this place.

They are GREAT with both Manitous AND 5th elements. In fact, I believe that Progressive susp (5th) is telling everyone to send their shocks over to GW now that they are out of the bike biz.
Top notch work at a very reasonable price. Cant say enough good things about them.