Homegrown seatpost

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Nov 8, 2014
Hi all,
A friend has loaned me her barely used Schwinn Homegrown so that i can try mountain biking for the first time. It doesn't have a seatpost or saddle, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what I should get. I plan to do moderate trail riding on established trails. Probably not too technical. Thanks for any help you can offer!


site moron
Jul 5, 2006
Vernon, NJ
Get out the phone book, find the pages colored Yellow. In that particular section of the book has the letter B. Inside the letter B what is in there you ask? Bicycle; and the local bicycle dealers are listed there. There is the place for going and discussing trivial matters. Ridemonkey.com is for making fun of me, posting babies pictures, being logged on the longest and posting most. The welcome wagon has begun again.


used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
Should be a 26.8mm seat tube, Buy a cheap seat then work out what you like/dislike about it and buy one that should suit.
Finding a decent seat can take a while.