horizontal dropouts on a FS?


Brevity R Us
Aug 16, 2001
Lynnwood, WA
skurfer333 said:
Adjustable wheel base.
How do you run gears on it?
Same way you do a verticle drop out
Can you run axle-mounting derailleurs such as saint on it? My guess is no, but this bike kinda puzzles me.
No idea. Never actually held a Saint derailer in my hand before...or seen one upclose and in use.
Anybody ride these frames?
I don't but I ride a Rotec DH and for my model it came with Horizontal drop outs. I run my axel as far forward as possible because my bike is so long so I don't really adjust my wheelbase. :)


Turbo Monkey
Nov 19, 2001
Kenmore, WA
Also note that is not the current offering from Azonic. The current model is the Eliminator II and has vertical dropouts and a 12mm thru axle option...

compared to...