How Big a Turkey Are You Going to Get?


Aug 12, 2004
Cle Elum
I was thinking of going all out this year and getting as big a bird as I could find. Safeway talks about 24 pounds but I think I have seen them go to 27 pounds or so. The price on the turkeys is only 23 cents a pound for the frozen toms and there is no required minimum purchase. Anyone got a better deal? I am definitely brining the bird and going with the herb recipe from Cooks Illustrated.

Anyone out there going to fix a bird or is everyone going to "mom's" or maybe they are already at "mom's". If you are tell your mom your in charge of the turkey this year.:thumb:
Whats your plan?


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Nov 7, 2001
behind the viewfinder
how do you brine a bird that large? use a plastic trash barrel?

good call on going w/ Cooks Illustrated. best recipe mag going, i think.

we are going to my mom's (dinner for 6 adults and 2 kids) and am not sure what the size of the bird is.


Aug 12, 2004
Cle Elum
Well went down to the Safeway and got a 22 pound bird for $5. Cant see how they can make any money on that. Interesting to see how the Brining thing has gotten pretty popular. Safeway had one of the end caps loaded with brining salt and olive oil-two of the key ingredients in the Cooks Illustrated turkey recipe.
Cooks Illustrated is definitely one of the best magazines-period. I think they have experimented around with the herb spiced-brined bird about 40 times. I would guess that most of the readers of the mag are women but the way they experiment with recipes and write the stuff up I think a lot of guys like.

I have already started thawing the bird out. I will brine it in a plastic bucket that is kind of like a laundry basted without holes. I also used a 5 gallon bucket once.


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Jul 19, 2002
New England
I am just doing a turkey breast this year, since it is just two of us. I am using this brine (cut in half);

1 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1 gallon vegetable stock
1 tablespoon black peppercorns
1/2 tablespoon allspice berries
1/2 tablespoon candied ginger
1 gallon iced water

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Jun 13, 2002
Got a 13 pound bird this year. Bigger than I needed since I'm only serving 5 but I'll make soup with it afterwards.


Mar 5, 2004
Melrose MA
my parents are probalby cooking two ~20 pounders.
one for dinner and one for leftovers

Unfortunately, we will be at my wife's parents house :(
they dont go all out like my family does


Oct 4, 2001
New Fairfield, CT
I picked up a 25lb bird and a 8lb breast. Cooking for 6 adults and a couple of kids...can't agree more...turkey soup is the best...oh and sandmiches hmmmm


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Sep 6, 2001
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Despite the fact that there are only going to be 3-4 people, my wife bought a 24lb bird. :rolleyes:

I've been doing the "brine" thing for years now, and there is one extra thing that I add that makes a WORLD of difference. Buttermilk!!
It makes the bird sweeter!!

This year, we are doing a Creole Thanksgiving (my wife's family is creole)
The brine has Crystal hot sause, Tobasco, Vinegar, butter milk, Cajun seasoning, brown sugar, and garlic salt... as well as the usual Thyme, Sage, and rosemary.

The overall menu includes:

Turkey (duh)
Crab and Anduille stuffing
Collard/mustard Greens
French bread &

Oh, and Pecan pie for desert